Hiring in the UK manufacturing sector can be tough. Finding the right talent is crucial, and at Talento Group, we’ve discovered the power of social media in making this process not just effective but enjoyable too. Let’s dive into how you can navigate the social media to attract the best talent.

Choosing the Right Platforms:

First things first, platforms matter. Not all social media platforms cater to the same audience. For manufacturing recruiting, focusing on LinkedIn, Facebook works best for us, but this can vary depending on your niche and location.

  • LinkedIn: As the professional network, LinkedIn is ideal for sharing job postings, connecting with potential candidates, and building your employer brand within the manufacturing industry.
  • Facebook: This platform offers a broader reach. Use it to share company news, culture, and engage with candidates in a more casual, friendly manner.

At Talento Group, we’ve learned that LinkedIn is a goldmine for professionals. Engineers and senior management individuals often have a business mindset here, making it an ideal space for sharing job openings and establishing your employer brand. On the other hand, Facebook, with its vast reach, is perfect for showcasing your company’s personality and engaging with a broader audience.

Crafting Content:

Now, let’s talk content. Informative, engaging, and relevant content is the cornerstone of successful social media recruitment. We like to focus on three key aspects:

  • Educate: Share blog posts, articles, and resources relevant to the manufacturing industry and the skills you seek in candidates. Educating your audience showcases your industry knowledge and expertise.
  • Entertain: Use videos, memes, and relatable content to create a connection with potential candidates. Humanise your brand, make them laugh, and showcase the fun side of your workplace.
  • Engage: Encourage discussions by asking questions, running contests, and giveaways. Engaging content fosters a sense of community, making your social media pages a vibrant space for potential candidates.

Mix in a bit of automation magic to ease your workload. Tools like Dripify help us at Talento Group reach out to potential candidates when hiring manufacturing vacancies efficiently, leaving us with more time to focus on building authentic relationships.

Being Authentic:

Authenticity is the heart of social media success. Be true to your brand, don’t just tell people what you think they want to hear, an unauthentic brand will only attract candidates with a poor culture fit. If your company champions innovation, shout about your latest projects. At Talento, we’ve seen that being authentic not only attracts the right candidates but also fosters a strong team spirit among existing employees.

Celebrating Your Team:

Your employees are your pride – Celebrate them! Showcase achievements, teamwork, and those light-hearted office moments. Talento Group believes in making our team the heroes of our social media story. It not only boosts morale internally but also shows potential candidates the amazing workplace culture they could be part of.

HR professionals and Hiring Managers, social media is not just for the marketing department – it’s your canvas. Be authentic, share engaging content, utilise automation tools, and celebrate your team. This blend will not only attract top-notch talent but also create a positive ripple effect in your workplace.