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Talento Clients Love Us!

Ian Stanley

Cylinder development manager

Zoo Hardware

Our experience with Ross has been hugely positive from both recruitment and business development/consulting standpoint. He's always going the extra mile, has a great positive attitude and is a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended.​

Neil Foster


Home & Dry Group

Ross delivers. He instinctively grasps business needs and proactively fulfils requirements most professionally. A joy to work with: personable and a calming influence in the most demanding of circumstances.​

Gaynor Smith

Head of HR

Broadex Technologies UK

Ross is a highly motivated and dedicated professional to our business. Ross & the team fully embrace our culture and values when dealing with a variety of stakeholders within our organisation.


During the recruitment process, Ross has supported an in-house assessment centre that has successfully delivered our on-going recruitment strategy, with exceptional 360 delivery.


At peak Ross & his team have provided 70 contractors using both Temp & Perm models to successful attract labour pools to develop our business during our growth strategy.

Brian Halliday

Business Consultant

Ross’s positivity and zest for life is contagious. He is on a personal journey and is someone who walks his talk. He wants to take you on the adventure with him.​


Frequently Asked Questions

How many agencies should we engage with, to support our vision?

How can I ensure I get value for money using an agency?

Myth #1 Using an Ageny is expensive!


Truth: What is the true costs to your business not having a recruitment partner working alongside your vision and objectives? Not investing in your business will be catastrophic in terms of delaying the opportunity to grow your own business by securing exceptional talent to grow your bottom line profits. By working with an Recruitment Partner, you’re able to streamline the process, reducing the amount of time and money that your company has to spend on hiring a new employee.

Why use a company like Talento Group as my Recruitment Partner?

Why not invest in our own technology rather than a recruiter?

Myth #2 Doing in-house recruitment is a better option!


Truth: While you can use software to help narrow down potential candidates. Having the best recruitment partner will be able to move through that process more efficiently. Not only that, your recruitment partner will advise and evaluate amazing  potential candidates ensuring that you get the best talent and outcome for your business.


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