PODCAST: Paradigm shift through resistance - Episode 4

Ross Podcast 2

​In this Episode; Michele Henshaw speaks on the topic "Paradigm shift through resistance"

A girl born in Northern UK but made travelling the globe showing people and businesses that doing business mindfully and consciously can seriously improve the bottom line as well as making the world a nicer place to spend time in.

You get to do work you love with people you like and have a life too. A great life full of all the fab stuff you want and deserve. After 20 years in leadership in advertising and 15 years running my own business, I know the challenges you face and the support you need but I also know that it CAN be done.

Michele dives deep on a technique called the Transition Bridge - This is a golden take-a-way for all listeners.

Michele dives deep on:

1. How to work on your self ( Make sure you don't forget about Self)

2. Transition Bridge (Fantastic take-a-way)

3. Brutal Honesty (Where you are in life right now?)

Fantastic insights on the Podcast & X3 amazing Book recommendations at the end of the Podcast.

Michele X3 Fantastic Book Recommendations:

1. Helen Keller, ‘The Story of My Life’

2. Barefoot Doctor (Stephen Russell) ‘Manifesto’

3. Michael Gerber, ‘The E-Myth Revisited’