PODCAST: Workplace of the Future - Episode 3

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​Scott is the embodiment of the so-called gig economy. He has been involved in transformation programmes in over 200 organisations globally (including Virgin, Amazon, KPMG, MOD and NHS), and had successful careers as a scientist and academic, HR Director, business consultant, non-executive director (British Olympic bobsleigh team, Orkney Science Festival and Boroughmuir Rugby) and musical producer. He is now an international speaker, conservation ambassador at Twycross Zoo and creative director of The Whole Man Academy.

Episode 3, Scott dives deep on ***Workplace of the Future***

Why today is the best time to be thinking about the *** workplace in the future ***

1. The edge of NEXT (We will dive deep on what the future will present in itself during this continuous transition).

2. Scalable efficiency (Change of pace is accelerating – everything is advancing at a much more rapid rate. How to get there).

3. Impact of COVID-19 (Speculation about impact and how to prepare ourselves in business & in life).

Fantastic insights on the Podcast & X3 amazing Book recommendations at the end of the Podcast.