Production Operatives

Job title : Production Operatives
Location : Kirkcudbrightshire, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland
Job type : Permanent
Salary : £10 - £17 pounds per hour
Contact name : Leanne
Contact email :

​Does a standard 9-5 not work for you?

Do you need real flexibility in work, so you can balance other commitments, like family?

Would you like to start working later in the morning and finish earlier in the afternoon?

We have a number of roles available in the Kirkcudbright area working as a production operative for a seafood processing business. This means you will be handling seafood products that come off the boats and getting them ready to be packed and sent to customers.

The hours are flexible and can be structured to suit your busy lifestyle, while still giving you an opportunity to earn a decent income, giving you job security and a steady salary, while not disrupting your commitments.

Have to take the kids to school and pick them up? You can work a shift pattern that supports this.

Have an existing part time role and want to add some hours? You can work part time or full time, whatever suits you.

Want to earn money based on how hard you work? You are paid based on the number of items you produce, so the harder you work, the more you earn.

If you are interested in speaking about how this role could fit around your life, to provide you with an income while maintaining your existing commitments, then apply today and we will give you a call to discuss the role in more detail.

Apply now and speak to us about how we can support you.

Location: Kirkcudbright.

Contract: Permanent.

Hours: Flexible Full / Part time

Pay: Piece rate + bonus (potential earnings up to £17 per hour)

*Our fully heated factory is open 5am - 4.30pm Mon-Fri and you can work whatever hours you wish.