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    In 2005, Lakeland Bake, based in Carlisle, embarked on a visionary quest: to bake the most exquisite crumpets without compromising quality for quantity. This commitment was not just a promise, but a dedication to reviving the essence of freshness and taste in the simplest bakery delights adored by people across the nation. From the very beginning, Lakeland Bake’s journey has been about crafting perfection, ensuring every bite reflects the dedication to preserving tradition and taste in every crumpet.

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    Joining Lakeland Bake is an opportunity to be a part of a team that crafts perfection with every crumpet, with a commitment to quality and a passion for excellence. Lakeland Bake’s crumpets are not just baked; they are meticulously created with artisanal precision. Every ingredient undergoes rigorous testing, ensuring that each crumpet is a masterpiece, capturing the essence of simplicity and perfection.

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